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Our Philosophy

Your wellness is our mission

Our philosophy is based around the deep understanding of natural curative products, carefully selected to infuse each treatment, and produced by ourselves.

In particular, when it comes to colouring, and the use of organic colours.

At GA we know that every woman has her own unique colour. This is hers and hers only, it’s her DNA. Each time this DNA is modified, she risks becoming un-natural and ‘slave’ of the maintenance that follows.

Women often question whether their own colour is the best it could be or whether it suits them. Our goal is to help them be naturally beautiful through a journey and a re-discovery of what nature chose for them originally.

A colour that enhances their own natural tones, will always suit skin tone, eyebrows and eye colour better and be more harmonious. Preserving this harmony is key to real beauty. Playing with shades and heights of tone without de-naturalizing them is possible thanks to our organic colours that respect the lightness and balance of the hair.
Today, with devotion and research, we can use those marvellous herbs to colour and treat. Grey hair no longer has to be an enemy to fight every 2 weeks, but a lighter shade to use at our advantage.

We want this philosophy to shine through from the moment clients step into our salons. From the welcoming entrance, to the carefully selected furniture and details. With an open-space lab that feels unprecedented.

Everything has to have an intrinsic message of beauty through nature.